Public Education & The Role of Teachers and Schools

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Part 1:

In the following clip, consider the connections that Mandi Croft – a long time classroom teacher – makes between trends in education reform, pressures on teachers, and the importance of student-teacher relationships.

What kinds of changes have been made to public education and the profession of teaching over the last decade or more that might contribute to teachers’ feelings this way?



Discussion Guide

After watching all the clips, discuss the following ideas:
Should physically protecting students be part of a teacher’s job?
Is it fair to ask teachers to carry firearms at work to protect students?
How or why might it be dangerous for teachers to have guns in schools?

Read the following overview of a report put out by the American Federation of Teachers, and the article from The Atlantic. Consider how/if the ideas raised in them factors should be taken into consideration in asking teachers to carry guns and provide security.

Additional Resources

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